Free 1Tb+ cloud storage offers

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How big is 1Tb?

1Tb is an abbreviation for 1 terabyte, it is a measure of disk space. 1 Terabyte is 1000 Gigabytes (1000Gb), or 1 trillion bytes. A byte is a single letter or character. Perhaps a clear perspective is that 1Tb is enough to store about a quarter of a million photos taken with your mobile phone, or 500 hours of high-definition video. free 1Tb Cloud space:

The Japan-based Terabox are currently offering 1Tb cloud storage for free for a lifetime. Their primary aim is to offer automatic backups for mobile phones.

Go to, create an account or log in with your existing Google account, and you are presented with a web-based file view of your cloud space. They also offer downloads of Windows and Android apps.

Their free basic version is 1Tb, with a 4Gb limit on single file uploads, and a limit of 500 files. There are paid pricing options:

A $3.49/m subscription gives 2Tb of storage space (currently 50% discount), and the ability to upload files up to 20Gb in size. Further discounts if paid annually. And data stored is encrypted.

In December 2022 they received ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy and Data Protection), ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management), and ISO 27001 (Information Security Mangement) certifications. These are assessments that customer’s data is safe and secure (for their paid accounts, at least).

How can I get free 1Tb cloud storage?

So far there’s only one provider that offers 1Tb of cloud storage for free, and that’s Terabox. More will probably appear as the industry consolidates and mobile phone networks start embracing an always on experience for their customers.

More avenues for getting a terabyte of storage in the cloud take a bit of lateral thinking:

  • Spread your storage needs across a series of different providers who individually offer a smaller chunk of free space, e.g. Mega with 50Gb, Google Drive’s 15Gb, Deegoo’s 100Gb, OneDrive’s 5Gb. CBackup helps managing multiple providers in a single Windows application, as well as offering 10Gb free on it’s own.
  •’s free plan gives 10Gb, but signing up for a new account through an Android or iPhone app can start you off with 50Gb. Also, they frequently run campaigns with network providers offering new customers a 50Gb free plan.
  • Dropbox popularised the concept of referring friends and gaining 500Mb extra per referral. This idea caught on with other cloud providers. If you’ve got more than one email, you can try referring your alternate personas.
  • Multiple accounts with a single provider. Google Drive offers 15Gb of space per account. 67 accounts add up to over 1Tb of cloud storage space. This can be managed in Google’s Chrome browser with multiple profiles.
  • Spread storage across media-specific providers. Flickr has a free package for up to 1000 photos, Vimeo’s free plan allows up to 25 videos. Youtube is an alternative source for storing videos, just mark them as unlisted. Sync, although just 5Gb, is suitable for storing text and Word documents.